The Heritage Reformed Congregations (HRC) is a solidly Biblical, Reformed, and orthodox denomination that is confessionally rooted in the Continental Reformation and influenced greatly by English Puritanism. The word “Heritage” in the title reflects a commitment and desire to be true to this rich legacy.

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HRC Ministries

In obedience to Christ’s commission to be a teaching, learning, praying, working, loving, and evangelistic church, the HRC is involved in a number of denominational and local ministries.

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The Spirit of Prayer

Oh, may I prize a throne of grace, Accessible in every place; Wherever I lift my soul in prayer, On earth or sea, my God is there. If in the hour of deep distress, Its woes, my heart in sighs express; A sweet return of love I find, To sooth the sorrows of the mind. Or when the grateful odors rise Of praise—delightful sacrifice! My soul expands with joys unknown To every bosom, but its own. Ah, where proceeds this sacred love, Descending gently from above? To Thee, Savior, and Thy blood, I owe this precious gif of God. Oh, may I daily love Thee more, Of blessings, Thee, the bounteous store; On me let every grace descend, Oh, source of bliss, Thou sinner’s friend!

Thomas Reade