The Heritage Reformed Congregations (HRC) is a solidly Biblical, Reformed, and orthodox denomination that is confessionally rooted in the Continental Reformation and influenced greatly by English Puritanism. The word “Heritage” in the title reflects a commitment and desire to be true to this rich legacy.

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HRC Ministries

In obedience to Christ’s commission to be a teaching, learning, praying, working, loving, and evangelistic church, the HRC is involved in a number of denominational and local ministries.

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God's Inward Calling

There is an inward calling, whereby God, not only by His Word, cries and shouts to waken up sleeping sinners: but also by His Spirit inwardly breathes the life of God into them, and sets them upon their feet. Those are said to be given of the Father to the Son; the Son receives and keeps them: and this is a wonderful call­ing. The Father craves the debt of obedience from us, and says, “Pay, and obey My calling, as ye are obliged to do;” and in comes the Son, by His Spirit, and slips the sum into our hand, even the price of obedience, and says, “Because My name is in the contract betwixt the Father and you, I will give you to pay my Father withal; and, so long as I have, you shall not want.” So that, although the elect be debtors, yet they are their Father’s debtors; and have a good Friend that pays for them. In this calling there is a great mystery. God is both calling and answering in our hearts. In a good sense, this calling is God’s calling upon His own Spirit in us, and we returning an answer by that same Spirit which dwelleth in us—the Father crying, “Come to the Supper, My elect people”; and the Son, by His Spirit answering in our hearts, “My Father, behold we are coming.” In the Word of God this calling is called a knocking at the door of our hearts for access to come in and sup with us. And indeed, at one time the Lord is without knocking for admit­tance, and at another time He is within opening the door—without knocking, and within drawing. Ye will find Scripture for this, Paul is preaching to Lydia’s heart: now, behold, there is God without calling and knocking by the Word; and behold, in the same verse it is said, “The Lord opened the heart of Lydia, that she attended unto the things which were spoken by Paul” (Acts 14:14). God be thanked, God craves and pays for us. While God is crying, “Open,” His one arm is without the door knocking and the other arm is within drawing the bolt, and preparing a lodging for Himself.

Sameul Rutherford